English Speaking countries

If the rest of the world never adopted English as a lingua franca, the majority of the Americans and English-speaking natives would have a hard time traveling around. However, a language barrier should not stop you from having Peak Performance Tours and indulging in great adventures. The good news is that there are a lot of countries that English speakers will find easy to travel. Here are surprisingly easy countries for English-speaking holidaymakers out there.


English is widely spoken in former British colonies.10 percent of Tanzanians are known to speak English. English speakers in Tanzania are mostly located in the cities. Many of those working in the Tourism industry is also conversant with English. You can't fail to enjoy a visit to the many safari parks located in Tanzania-- one of which is the largest (Selous Game Reserve) and also the famous (Serengeti National Park). One of the beautiful events you should look forward to watching is the migration of the wildebeests. You also can’t miss visiting some sites like Mt Kilimanjaro which the Africa tallest mountain. However, if Hiking is not your hobby, you can head to Zanzibar to rest at the beach, drink coconut juice and watch the massaai herding cows along the beach. All these sans the trouble of language barrier issues.


Seventy percent of the people living in Germany speak English. In Germany, English is taught from an early age. In this country, English is known to be a language of international business and academia. Make your travel to Germany interesting by taking a guided tour to your favorite nightclubs to make friends. Plus, don’t miss walking around Brandenburg Gate, drinking Riesling on The Rhine, exploring the Black Forest, and tucking into German food like!


92 percent of the citizens living in the Philippines speak English. Filipinos are known to celebrate the English language everywhere and every time. They are known to have invented karaoke and perfected live music. There are way more reasons why you need to visit the Philippines. The country is all about personality and landscapes. It has about 7000 islands each with beautiful tropical beaches and mountain cloud forest. Manila, the Capital City, is also thought to be haywire, but it’s actually a dazzling city of about 17 million people. You need to take student travel to this country primarily because of its culture and great sceneries.


59 Percent of the Slovenians speak English. Slovenia is a small European country with a population of 2 million. The country is located between some other countries like Hungry, Austria and Italy. The culture in Slovenia is borrowed from all these neighboring countries. Thus, the state has a rich historical culture. The capital of Slovenia is known as Ljubljana. Think of sneaking Slovenia in your Euro trip and have a wonderful experience along the greenery and sidewalk cafes of Ljubljana.

If you want your student tours to be easy and enjoyable, these are some of the countries you should consider. You won’t only enjoy the striking landscapes but also have less language troubles and make the most of your trip.