Instagram Terms

In every platform, certain lingo is established, even on Instagram. If you’re an Instagram user, you may be well familiar with all the terms and language below:

IG Handle/ Instagram Handle

This is a person’s username. This may come in any configuration and doesn’t even have to be close to their actual name.

  • IG - Short for Instagram
  • Instagramers / IGers - The people using Instagram
  • Bio - The biography part of the profile. This is the first things other users will see each time they visit your Instagram profile.
  • Tag - You can use the @ symbol before the username of the person you want to mention or tag.
  • IG Stories or Instagram Stories - This is the platform’s means of sharing videos and photos with followers. Instagram stories disappear from a user’s feed or profile after 24 hours unless one adds it as a highlight. There are filters, stickers, and tools you can use when on Instagram Stories. You can even add interactive polls to your IG stories.
  • Instagram Live or IG Live - This is a way for people to broadcast to their Instagram followers. Like stories, they only last for 24 hours, but recently, you can already download your IG lives, so you can post or reuse them for your blog or social media posts.
  • Instagram Highlights - You can highlight your Instagram lives or Instagram stories, so they stay on your profile beyond 24 hours. Instagram highlights can be seen below your bio.
  • Double Tap - This is equivalent to liking a post. Just tap their image twice, so other people can know that you like or love their posts.
  • Emojicons/ Emojis - Emojis are little icons to express your message better. A lot of smartphone devices are pre-loaded with loads of emoji selections.
  • Filter - This is an editing feature that you can apply to your post to enhance colors and features.
  • Followers - Instagram users that follow other Instagram users
  • Following - The people that you as an Instagram user follow
  • Gallery - This is a collection of your Instagram posts.
  • Hashtag - This is symbolized by the “#” symbol placed before a keyword. Use hashtags that are relevant to your Instagram post. Hashtags are easily searchable tags on Instagram and are also used in other social media platforms.
  • Home - You can see the activities of other IGers you follow on your home screen or feed.
  • Instameet - A meeting or gathering of local Instagrammers taking Instagram photos.
  • Instavideo - The video feature of Instagram is called Instavideo.
  • Latergram - This is a hashtag people usually use when posting a throwback photo or post.
  • Post - Any image or video content uploaded on your Instagram profile.
  • Profile - This features the user’s account info on Instagram. This consists of your username, name, profile picture, and photo gallery.

Instagram has a lot of solid user. Despite the reported cases of an Instagram hack and Instagram account security troubles, many people still love using Instagram and making it a part of their daily lives. Indeed, it’s a great platform to connect, share, and engage.