You might wonder why the person you matched on Tinder is not answering your sweet messages anymore. You may be starting to lose hope in online dating with snapchat girls as no matter how many times you attempt to find the right one online, it seems that finding is difficult. Well, you might start watching your grammar from now on as that could be the reason for it all.

Why is Grammar Important?

Grammar is important in a conversation – whether online or offline. It provides information that helps the reader and listener comprehend. Having a clear and structured grammar also helps in conveying the precise meaning of what you are trying to express. So, by the time you start to register for an online dating through social media, be sure to be ready in eliminating grammatical errors.

Grammar in Online Dating

It was revealed by dating website, Zoosk, that 72% of the respondents considered poor grammar and spelling as a whopping reason to get turned off. These respondents think that people who have poor grammar and spelling are ‘lazy’, ‘poor’ and ‘unintelligent’. It may not be important to others, but proofreading your sentence is important before hitting the send button. Below are some of the essentials of grammar in online dating.

Get A Grip With Your Spelling Errors

Errors in grammar and spelling damages the prospect of getting a match significantly. Women care so much about grammar which is a big breaker. The more mistakes you have on your grammar, the lesser the chance of getting prospects.

Grammar Boosts Confidence

Most women think that having a perfect and flawless grammar is sexier than having six-pack abs. It also goes the same with men. So before sending messages, make sure to double check your grammar and never let a typographical error ruin your quest in finding true love!

Language Matters

According to the research, men who properly use the word “whom” get 31% more matches and contacts from the opposite sex. Also, men who write the word “women” than “girls” have a 28% chance of successful matches. On the other hand, women must avoid using the words “divorce”, “ex” and “separate” on their bio as it is a big turn off for men. If any of these words relate to you, however, you can go on and put them on your bio. After all, there are many who appreciate the value of honesty above all.

Avoid Text Talk

If it’s your first time chatting with someone, make sure to dump ‘text talk’ like acronyms, jargons, and slangs to avoid misinterpretation and mistakes. Use simple and basic words so that both of you can understand each other.

Whether you like it or not, grammar is important in all aspects of online dating. The proper use of grammar reflects your personality and body language. If you’re not good at spelling and sentence construction, find a website that can help you, ask your friend for the correct grammar and practice using it for a better and flawless online dating.