If fashion is important to you, or you live in area where fashion is popular, then you need to familiarize yourself with the various vocabularies related to fashion trends. When you know how to talk about create your own shirt in English, it will be easier to communicate with others in the fashion industry. Here are some phrases you should learn in the various clothing categories.


A t-shirt is a casual short-sleeved top, and it comes in two types. A round neck custom t-shirt is more casual while a polo shirt is a bit more formal. A shirt, on the other hand, can be a long sleeved or short sleeved top that is made of cotton and has buttons on the front. A blouse is a type of shirt worn by women, and it often has a smaller collar and more fitted style.

Sweatshirts are less formal cotton tops that come with either a logo or a picture on it. A hoodie, jersey, or pullover are similar to a sweatshirt, only that it comes with a hood. A jumper is a shirt with extra layer of cotton or wool and is mostly worn during winter, spring and autumn. A cardigan or cardy is a type of jumper that comes with buttons from the bottom to top while a sleeveless jumper is called a tank top.

An indoor coat that comes with numerous number of pockets and can be worn with suit is called a jacket. Outdoor garments are called coats, and they include golf coats, bomber jackets, rain coats, overcoats and mackintosh, waterproofs or kagoules.


Hats are very common in the fashion industry and especially in the fashion week. Here are some types of hats that you may come across:

  • Beany- A woolen hat that is baggy
  • Floppy Hat- A hat that has a wide loose brim
  • Cap- A casual hat that is also known as a baseball cap
  • Flat Cap- Tweed caps with firm peak which are usually worn by older people and are very fashionable
  • Panama Hat- Stylish white or ivory formal hat which is usually worn by men


Jewellery includes necklaces which are won on the neck and bracelets worn on the wrist. A wide bracelet with ethnic styling is called a bangle. Wristband is worn on the wrist but mostly for a good cause. Earrings are worn in the ears. Cufflinks are removable buttons often worn with formal shirts.

Bottom Half

Trousers are usually worn to cover the whole bottom half of the body. They come in different types including:

  • Jeans which are usually made from denim
  • Drain pipes or skinny jeans which are trousers that are tight fitting and have narrow legs
  • Chinos which are smart casual cotton trousers

Shorts are worn to cover the bottom half up to the knees. For swimming costumes are beach attires. They consist of swimming shorts or trunks that are usually worn by men while bathing costumes which are all in one or bikinis (two pieces) are worn by women.


It is important to note that some names can mean different things especially in different countries. For instance, in Britain, pants mean underwear while in the US, it means trousers. Boxers are long, short-like pants and have a Y shaped material in the front to give them a Y front. A jock strap is a pouch worn by men to support and protect their genitals especially during sports.

A brassiere, commonly known as a bra, is used to support women’s chest. Knickers is a general term for women’s pants.


Footwear comes in many styles such as sandals, high-heeled shoes, sneakers, flat shoes, slippers, boots, lace ups, brogues and crocks. Most of these shoes are often worn with socks. Trainer shorts are very short socks that are worn with trainers. Ankle socks are slightly long. Long socks are knee-length socks.

Knowing these short and simple names for clothes will help you understood better in the fashion world. It is, therefore, wise to take some time and study these vocabularies in order to improve your English on fashion trends.