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Self-Background Check: Tips For English Teachers Applying Abroad


One of the best opportunities that English teachers have is teaching English abroad in countries that do not have enough English teachers. However, there is a pretty strict process that teachers have to go through before applying for work. For this reason, it’s highly important for a teacher planning to apply abroad to do self-background check. If you are interested in becoming an English teacher abroad, click here for some background checks which you need to do on yourself.

State Criminal Background Check

Most of the countries in Southeast Asia like Vietnam will only require something like a state criminal background check. You may apply for a background check in your own home country if the school you’re applying for allows it. There are times when the school will require you to have a background check in the country you reside in. This one can be done in the local police station. This will really depend on the requirement that your desired school has of foreign teachers.

FBI Background Check

While the state or local police background checks are quite easy to do, the FBI background check is a little bit more difficult because these background checks are longer and more tedious. They also entail more requirements before the FBI can perform the background check on you. There are some countries in Asia that will require both a police background check and an FBI background check. These countries include South Korea, Japan, and more.

If you do need to get an FBI check, you need to apply for one in advance because it will take up to four months before you get your results. We suggest that you do this around 6 months in advance or more before application.

To apply, all you have to do is visit their website. There is an application page there with some instructions on how you can apply. Once you apply online and submit all the necessary requirements, they will process your application and get back to you after around 4 months with the background check results.

Using A Channeler

Fortunately, there are accredited channelers that can process the FBI criminal background checks faster than the regular time if you pay them a service fee. If you’re rushing your application, you can use them instead of waiting for months. They are especially helpful if you need to get an apostille (a certificate that shows your document can be used internationally). Channelers have experience when handling apostilles, so they can be able to help you process these documents faster and with less hassle.

Before you teach abroad, a background check is mandatory by any school. The question is which checks will be necessary. If you think you won’t be able to get the FBI criminal background check, then you may just apply for the one that requires the state or local police background check. But if you can get the FBI background check, you should have no problem applying for stricter schools like the ones in Korea and Japan.

How Important is Ventilation in Schools and Learning?


Classroom ventilation is very crucial in learning. It has an influence on learning outcomes which means that it affects the achievement of learning outcomes of students. Classrooms in a school set up should have a free flow of air as learners spend most of their school life in classes. In many cases SPIN - Designer Ceiling Fans in Singapore delivered best fans for schools which designed especially for classrooms.

The air taken in by learners has a great influence on the wellbeing of both the teacher and the students. Ventilation in a school set up can be done naturally by putting in place enough windows or use of artificial methods that involve the installation of ceiling fans.

The importance of ventilation in a school set up.

The following reasons why ventilation is important in meeting learning objectives in a school:

Improves attentiveness of learners in the classroom.

Proper ventilation enhances the performance of learners by increasing the attentiveness of students throughout the learning sessions. An increased flow of quality air into the classroom creates a conducive environment for learning. This is because both the teacher and students will be comfortable as they engage in learning activities. The attentiveness of learners increases the chances of meeting the learning objectives.

Reduces cases of illness among learners.

Poor ventilation is a health hazard to human beings. Children are the most affected by illnesses caused by the improper supply of fresh air. Transmittable airborne diseases and viruses like tuberculosis, meningitis, anthrax, chickenpox, measles, and severe acute respiratory syndromes (SARS) find it easy to spread to uninfected persons in an indoor setup. Increased illnesses contribute to learners’ absenteeism from school, hence both the pupil’s health and education end up being jeopardized. Therefore, proper ventilation equals health and educational benefit.

Natural ventilation allows easier exits in time of emergencies.

In a time of emergencies like fire outbreaks, learners can be able to escape through windows. For instance, in a big hall, learners will escape from danger through the windows, thus eliminating the chances of a stampede at the door post. Therefore, natural ventilation reduces the chances of compromising the safety of both teachers and learners.

Ventilation controls impurities in a classroom.

Proper ventilation shields learners from the buildup of pollutants, moisture, and nasty smells like body odor. All these air impurities diminish the conduciveness of the learning environment.

Poor ventilation may lead to behavioural change among learners.

Educationists in the past have done researches whose outcomes have indicated that the behavior of learners is affected by ventilation inside the classroom. Learners tend to reciprocate well when the environment is conducive. Unconducive classroom environment may even create indiscipline among learners. This will, in turn, affect the learning outcomes.

In conclusion, classroom ventilation should be considered as one of the standards of building structures in a school set up. Out of the discussion above, indoor air quality during classroom occupation impacts negatively on education objectivity and outcomes. Based on studies conducted by Mendell and Heath, there is suggestive evidence for an association between ventilation rates and the attention and performance of learners. Hence, ventilation of air is a necessity in educational setups.

Drug Testing for Teachers


Drug testing for teachers is becoming a major concern for many. Teachers have been entrusted with children for most of their time in school. Despite it not been a legal requirement, imagine what effects will drug addicts and peddlers have on your child. Random drug testing for teachers will get them off guard. If you want to know more about drug testing rules visit payspi.org. However, is it a necessary violation of their privacy rights?

Other professionals are already used to it. The teachers are not the first public servants to undergo random drug testing as it has been done in a lot of areas already. Despite many parents and guardians pushing for a compulsory and random drug testing in the teaching fraternity, teachers have come out hard on it with a lot of objection towards it.

As parents and other specialists push random drug testing for tutors as a way of keeping the children safe, teachers claim that random drug testing is a total violation of their right to privacy.

Why Random Drug Testing for Teachers is a Positive Move in the Profession?

On a more positive side, teachers actually find this move to be quite beneficial. Here are the reasons why:

  1. Teachers found positive during drug tests will be recommended for appropriate drug counseling This is so they can reduce the risk of learners being affected directly and indirectly by the drug menace.
  2. Random drug testing has worked in other professions. Other public servants undergo random drug tests, and it has yielded fruits. Protagonists to this idea argue that drug testing will lead to quality service delivery just like other public servants.

Why Random Drug Testing is Opposed by Teachers?

On the other hand, there are some who are opposed to it. According to them:

  1. Drug use is not prevalent in the teaching profession. Most of the tutors have no experience in the abuse of drugs. Why should drug testing be made compulsory to a profession that is not associated with the vice? According to a study done on professionals who abuse drugs, teachers had only four percent while construction workers got 14%. Teachers were ranked number eighteen out of nineteen according to a study carried out by the Department of Health and Human Services in 2007. Therefore, it’s hard to get teachers getting involved in the use or peddling of drugs.
  2. It’s an abuse of their rights to privacy. Drug tests are going to expose to school administrators prescribed medications for individual teachers. They can also reveal unexposed pregnancy results among female teachers. This is a gross violation of the teaching fraternity.
  3. It’s a costly affair. Random testing is argued to be costly to schools, and doing so would reduce the small number of funds allocated for important activities in the schools. An average of $45 can be used to fund a single random drug test for teachers. This kind of spending can’t be advocated for in the fairly tight budget for schools.

That said, random drug testing should only be carried out on teachers who are held suspicious of drug abuse. The rest should be left unprovoked. Teachers should also be enlightened on how to pass a drug test.

In Virginia, there is no testing of drugs for teachers, irrespective of the fact that there was a marijuana possession case at Osbourn High School. However, Hawaii and Missouri have considered an implementation of random drug tests.

The Importance of Grammar in Online Dating


You might wonder why the person you matched on Tinder is not answering your sweet messages anymore. You may be starting to lose hope in online dating with snapchat girls as no matter how many times you attempt to find the right one online, it seems that finding is difficult. Well, you might start watching your grammar from now on as that could be the reason for it all.

Why is Grammar Important?

Grammar is important in a conversation – whether online or offline. It provides information that helps the reader and listener comprehend. Having a clear and structured grammar also helps in conveying the precise meaning of what you are trying to express. So, by the time you start to register for an online dating through social media, be sure to be ready in eliminating grammatical errors.

Grammar in Online Dating

It was revealed by dating website, Zoosk, that 72% of the respondents considered poor grammar and spelling as a whopping reason to get turned off. These respondents think that people who have poor grammar and spelling are ‘lazy’, ‘poor’ and ‘unintelligent’. It may not be important to others, but proofreading your sentence is important before hitting the send button. Below are some of the essentials of grammar in online dating.

Get A Grip With Your Spelling Errors

Errors in grammar and spelling damages the prospect of getting a match significantly. Women care so much about grammar which is a big breaker. The more mistakes you have on your grammar, the lesser the chance of getting prospects.

Grammar Boosts Confidence

Most women think that having a perfect and flawless grammar is sexier than having six-pack abs. It also goes the same with men. So before sending messages, make sure to double check your grammar and never let a typographical error ruin your quest in finding true love!

Language Matters

According to the research, men who properly use the word “whom” get 31% more matches and contacts from the opposite sex. Also, men who write the word “women” than “girls” have a 28% chance of successful matches. On the other hand, women must avoid using the words “divorce”, “ex” and “separate” on their bio as it is a big turn off for men. If any of these words relate to you, however, you can go on and put them on your bio. After all, there are many who appreciate the value of honesty above all.

Avoid Text Talk

If it’s your first time chatting with someone, make sure to dump ‘text talk’ like acronyms, jargons, and slangs to avoid misinterpretation and mistakes. Use simple and basic words so that both of you can understand each other.

Whether you like it or not, grammar is important in all aspects of online dating. The proper use of grammar reflects your personality and body language. If you’re not good at spelling and sentence construction, find a website that can help you, ask your friend for the correct grammar and practice using it for a better and flawless online dating.

Five Important Web Hosting Terms You Should Know


Whether you’re a novice web developer or a business owner who owns a website, it is important to be familiar with a few web hosting terms. Knowing a few web hosting terms can help you in hosting or maintaining your website.

You can Check This Out in below web hosting terms that anyone with a website must know.

Web Host

A web host, or a web hosting service provider, is a service that lets organizations, companies, and individuals publish their website into the internet. They have the technologies and equipment that are required to deploy a website on the internet.

Here are some of the different types of web hosting services you can find.

  • Shared Web Hosting: it is a web hosting service wherein your website is hosted on a server that is shared with other websites.
  • Cloud-Based Web Hosting: a new web hosting technology which allows hundreds of servers to work together, and the resources needed to maintain the website are in more than one server which will be rendered when they are needed.
  • Managed WordPress Hosting: managed WordPress hosting refers to a service where your web hosting service provider keeps your WordPress installation updated.
  • Dedicated Web Server: this means you will be renting a server from the web hosting service provider, granting you full control of your website. This also means that your website will not be shared with other websites in the server.


Servers are computers that contain the files and resources to run your website. It uses the Hypertext Transfer Protocol to send the files of the website when a device accesses it through web browsers. The two popular operating systems used for servers are Linux Server and Windows Server.

  • Linux Server: the most common operating system used on servers. This is due to its compatibility with many applications that are needed to run websites as there is no commercial vendor or company that only allows their own proprietary software to run in the server.
  • Windows Server: Microsoft Windows might be used for servers that need to utilize features and applications that are only found in Windows.

Domain Name

This is basically what people know as the website name. A domain name consists of two parts: the actual name of the site, and the extension (‘.com’, ‘.org’, ‘.io’). You can name your website anything you want as long as the name has not been registered already.


URL is an acronym for “uniform resource locator”. This basically means the web address of each page or file of your website.  

IP Address

All websites have an IP (internet protocol) address. No IP address is the same as the other (except with the private addresses and the localhost). When a user types a URL in the browser, this points to a specific IP address of a website. There are two versions of IP addressing:

  • IPv4 (ex:
  • IPv6 (ex: 2607:f0d0:1002:51::4, short for 2607:f0d0:1002:0051:0000:0000:0000:0004)


Knowing a few terms about web hosting can make you more knowledgeable about how to deploy and maintain your websites. You can now make the right decisions for your web hosting needs, saving you time and resources in the long run.

Children’s Rights At School

Children’s Rights At School

In times when your young children will be away from you, they will most likely be at school. For several hours, you will be entrusting your children to the education system. Your concern for their well-being at school goes beyond academic learning – children also need to feel valued, included and safe. If you are concerned that your child’s rights at school are being violated despite repeated mediations with school authorities, then Israeli עורך דין may be your next recourse.  

Know Your Child’s Rights At School

Because the people in authority are adults, children’s rights are not recognized most of the time. By their age and size, children depend on their parents, guardians and other adults to make most decisions for them. Knowing first the rights of your children will help you in dealing with the school system in both collaborative and if ever, opposing stands.

Access To Education

Every child who wants to learn should have access to education and learning resources. Schools should not reject a child without a valid reason. 

Free Speech And Expression

Being able to express oneself is a constitutional right, regardless of age. Children should be able to voice out their opinion even if it is not aligned with the principles of the school. Rudeness need not be tolerated, of course. Children can be guided in expressing their opinions respectfully and creatively while still retaining the good values espoused by the school.


School systems have adapted inclusive education for many years now, allowing children access to education regardless of race, color and ethnicity. If you feel that your child is being targeted on the basis of these factors, a discrimination case can be brought before Israeli lawyers to open up dialogs with the school district.

Access To Basic Values Formation, Guidance And Health Services

Schools should be able to provide proper facilities to meet basic needs in counseling and medical aid.

Equal Opportunity For Students With Disabilities

Educators should be able to provide accommodations within specific and reasonable parameters for students with diagnosed disabilities and developmental delays. Educators shouldn’t judge their students for their inability to cope; fellow students who do so should be discouraged while being taught acceptance of different types of learners. Students suspected to have such limitations that are a hindrance to their growth and learning should be supported in seeking the proper diagnosis or help.

Safety And Protection Against Violence

One of the most commonly ignored children’s rights is their vulnerability to violence. This kind of abuse can come in many forms. Some are subtle while some are openly aggressive. Some of these are taunting, teasing, humiliation, threats and physical violence, bullying, assault and sexual violation. For children to be protected from all these deplorable acts, the school should have strong anti-bullying systems in place. Students who are found to be victims of any abuse have the right to be trained by professionals in trauma evaluation, psychological testing and counseling, and preparation for integrating back into the school system.

Safeguard Your Child By Keeping Watch

It is every school’s obligation to ensure that their students learn in an inclusive and safe environment with a plan in place to prevent untoward violation of human rights. Parents and guardians are also within their right to follow up on their own child if they suspect any wrongdoing.

Talking About Fashion in the English Language


If fashion is important to you, or you live in area where fashion is popular, then you need to familiarize yourself with the various vocabularies related to fashion trends. When you know how to talk about create your own shirt in English, it will be easier to communicate with others in the fashion industry. Here are some phrases you should learn in the various clothing categories.


A t-shirt is a casual short-sleeved top, and it comes in two types. A round neck custom t-shirt is more casual while a polo shirt is a bit more formal. A shirt, on the other hand, can be a long sleeved or short sleeved top that is made of cotton and has buttons on the front. A blouse is a type of shirt worn by women, and it often has a smaller collar and more fitted style.

Sweatshirts are less formal cotton tops that come with either a logo or a picture on it. A hoodie, jersey, or pullover are similar to a sweatshirt, only that it comes with a hood. A jumper is a shirt with extra layer of cotton or wool and is mostly worn during winter, spring and autumn. A cardigan or cardy is a type of jumper that comes with buttons from the bottom to top while a sleeveless jumper is called a tank top.

An indoor coat that comes with numerous number of pockets and can be worn with suit is called a jacket. Outdoor garments are called coats, and they include golf coats, bomber jackets, rain coats, overcoats and mackintosh, waterproofs or kagoules.


Hats are very common in the fashion industry and especially in the fashion week. Here are some types of hats that you may come across:

  • Beany- A woolen hat that is baggy
  • Floppy Hat- A hat that has a wide loose brim
  • Cap- A casual hat that is also known as a baseball cap
  • Flat Cap- Tweed caps with firm peak which are usually worn by older people and are very fashionable
  • Panama Hat- Stylish white or ivory formal hat which is usually worn by men


Jewellery includes necklaces which are won on the neck and bracelets worn on the wrist. A wide bracelet with ethnic styling is called a bangle. Wristband is worn on the wrist but mostly for a good cause. Earrings are worn in the ears. Cufflinks are removable buttons often worn with formal shirts.

Bottom Half

Trousers are usually worn to cover the whole bottom half of the body. They come in different types including:

  • Jeans which are usually made from denim
  • Drain pipes or skinny jeans which are trousers that are tight fitting and have narrow legs
  • Chinos which are smart casual cotton trousers

Shorts are worn to cover the bottom half up to the knees. For swimming costumes are beach attires. They consist of swimming shorts or trunks that are usually worn by men while bathing costumes which are all in one or bikinis (two pieces) are worn by women.


It is important to note that some names can mean different things especially in different countries. For instance, in Britain, pants mean underwear while in the US, it means trousers. Boxers are long, short-like pants and have a Y shaped material in the front to give them a Y front. A jock strap is a pouch worn by men to support and protect their genitals especially during sports.

A brassiere, commonly known as a bra, is used to support women’s chest. Knickers is a general term for women’s pants.


Footwear comes in many styles such as sandals, high-heeled shoes, sneakers, flat shoes, slippers, boots, lace ups, brogues and crocks. Most of these shoes are often worn with socks. Trainer shorts are very short socks that are worn with trainers. Ankle socks are slightly long. Long socks are knee-length socks.

Knowing these short and simple names for clothes will help you understood better in the fashion world. It is, therefore, wise to take some time and study these vocabularies in order to improve your English on fashion trends.

The Best Online Cooking Games for Learning Kids


Children learn through play. Games are an important part of a child’s life. Thanks to technology there have been several games that have been developed to help children learn how to do various things like cooking. These games teach kids skills such as arithmetic and accuracy. They also learn the profession by heart and can make a carrier in it. There are lots of startups in cooking and sun basket meal delivery guys are doing great in it. Below is a list of some of the best online cooking games for learning kids.

Toca’s Kitchen

This online game allows kids to cook for four hungry characters. They simply have to pick an ingredient and prepare it in any way that they like. They can opt for boiling, frying, microwaving or baking. They serve the meal to the characters and await their response. There are no rules and players are allowed to do all that they want.

Sara’s Cooking Class

This game teaches children how to cook and bake. The game has 200 different ingredients and recipes that form several places across the world! It is a food paradise for children. The recipes can be tried out in a real kitchen.

Cake Doodle

This game is ideal for children who love to bake but hate cleaning up afterwards. With this game, they can crack the eggs, pour the liquids, sift in the dry ingredients and blend the batter. The cake is then baked in a super fast oven and cooled supper fast. Players are able to decorate their cake almost immediately. They can try out 14 different recipes.

Dinner Dash

Get ready to help in the kitchen with this game. Flo runs a restaurant and needs people to help cover the shift for breakfast, lunch and dinners. The goal of this game is to keep the diner in business and to feed the ever-hungry customers. The child will enjoy some fast-paced action in the process. This game contains in-app purchases.


This game is perfect for little chefs and those who are little chefs at heart. They can try out several recipes in a fully equipped kitchen without getting dirty or leaving you with a messy kitchen to clean up. The child will also like weighing ingredients and mixing different ingredients together. The best part about this game is that the fun can be taken offline. The recipes can be made in a real kitchen too.

Nicolas Garden

This game helps children to develop their culinary skills. An 8-year-old boy called Nicholas inspired the game. The game is about healthy home cooking, shopping and eating. The child makes shopping lists, goes for shopping for the foods, takes them to the kitchen, and prepares the ingredients according to the selected recipes.

Above is a list of some of the best online cooking games for learning kids, but there are more games out there that your little chef can learn how to cook. Discover their culinary talents and learn so much more along the way. The best part about these games is that they do not leave you with dirty pots and pans, messy counters and wasted ingredients.

5 Best Websites that'll Help You Learn English


If English is not your first language and you’d like to learn more, you don’t need to get a tutor to visit you. You can actually just get courses online. The best thing about getting online English courses is that you don’t need to go to a tutorial center. You can just learn at your own time, pace, and comfort. Plus, finding online discounts for English tutorial services is as easy as reading an article on saving money online. So if you’re interested, here are 5 of the best websites that can help you enhance your English skills.


Duolingo has both a website and an app. The best part about it is that it’s free. Therefore, if you can’t afford classes just yet, this one will do. The platform teaches you English through interactive games and lessons. You even have quizzes to test how much you’ve improved. It’s a fun online learning experience that is also educational at the same time.


LiveMocha is another free platform where you can get yourself a practice partner. Unlike Duolingo wherein you’ll learn English through games and interactive lessons, LiveMocha allows you to have an actual partner who can teach you through the platform. LiveMocha is more like an online community where language learners go to so that they can practice speaking their desired language. It’s a great place to practice with actual people who know English.


FluentU is another platform that has both a website and an app. There is a free trial version for FluentU where you can get a feel of the platform but without the full features. There is also the paid version which is around $8 per month.

If you pay for the full features, you’ll get actual video lessons to help boost your learning experience. Aside from lecture videos, you’ll have access to a lot of music videos, movies, cartoons, and TV shows. These will all help enhance your English as a whole.


PhraseMix is pretty unique in a sense that it focuses on phrases rather than words. PhraseMix provides you with various everyday phrases that you need in real conversations. That way, you can skip the whole theory portion and go on to the actual application of words and phrases. The cost of accessing this platform is around $12 to $15 per month.


Babbel offers the whole package: speaking, reading, and writing. You just have to choose which one you want to avail of. The great thing about Babbel is that they offer very detailed lessons, meaning you will really learn the nitty-gritty of the language (such as sentence structure, grammar rules, writing styles, and more). Babbel will also help you increase your vocabulary by introducing you to a whole new range of words that you can use in your everyday conversations. The cost of accessing the platform is around $7 to $13 per month.


Learning English has never been easier because of technology. As long as you have a computer and internet connection, you can certainly improve your English skills and fluency. All you have to do is access some of these websites.

Construction Simulation Games That Will Help Develop Your Kid's Cognitive Ability

Construction Simulation Games for kids

These days, kids are already being exposed to smartphones and the internet at a pretty early age. Of course, we’re all aware that the internet has a lot of content and games that may not be suitable for the learning of young kids. On the other side of the coin though, there are certain games that are actually good for your kid’s cognitive ability. One of the best types of games are construction games because they can enhance creativity, resourcefulness, and some analysis skills.

There are many good carrier opportunities like window replacement consultants, Interior designer to choose from the construction industry. Whether or not your child is planning to take the field of design or construction, he or she will have a lot of fun playing and will use a lot of his or her brain power. Here are a few games that you can introduce your kids to:

Rollercoaster Creator

The first is the Rollercoaster Creator that lets you build a roller coaster. This is great for kids who love building things. In this game, your kid can make a custom made roller coaster of any design he or she wants. He or she can also make a roller coaster move on the tracks. It’s one of the most exciting construction games that any kid can play.

Castle of Cards

If your kid is a pretty sharp thinker and would want more of a challenge, then there’s Castle of Cards. Basically, the objective here is to make a castle out of cards and not let them all fall down. The game will tell you which style to make and you have to make it. Your kid can make pyramids, sphinxes, and many more card castles. It’s a really good game if you want to challenge your kid a bit.


Do you think your kid has the potential to become a future engineer or architect? If you do, then this game can be a training ground for him or her. In this game, your kid has to build a tall and stable tower that can withstand wind and other external factors. Your child has to take into consideration the overall construction, foundation, and roofing when making his or her building so that it won’t collapse.

Mine Clone

If your child is more inclined to creating landscapes, then Mine Clone is the best to further build that skill up. Your child is free to let his or her imagination run wild here. It’s sort of like the game Minecraft but with nicer looking graphics. Your kid will also be able to do a lot of exterior restoration and overall architecture in this game. It’ll definitely prepare your child for taking the path of a landscape designer or even an architect.

If you’re going to let your kid play with a smartphone, then you might as well let him or her play with the best and most educational games to hone his or her creative and critical thinking abilities. 

Also, these are games that you can also play with your kid. Your kid will learn a lot, have fun, and spend more time with you. They’re good for the whole family.

Surprisingly Easy Countries for English Speakers to travel

English Speaking countries


If the rest of the world never adopted English as a lingua franca, the majority of the Americans and English-speaking natives would have a hard time traveling around. However, a language barrier should not stop you from having Peak Performance Tours or indulging in great adventures. The good news is that there are a lot of countries that English speakers will find easy to travel. Here are surprisingly easy countries for English-speaking holidaymakers out there.


English is widely spoken in former British colonies.10 percent of Tanzanians are known to speak English. English speakers in Tanzania are mostly located in the cities. Many of those working in the Tourism industry is also conversant with English. You can't fail to enjoy a visit to the many safari parks located in Tanzania-- one of which is the largest (Selous Game Reserve) and also the famous (Serengeti National Park). One of the beautiful events you should look forward to watching is the migration of the wildebeests. You also can’t miss visiting some sites like Mt Kilimanjaro which the Africa tallest mountain. However, if Hiking is not your hobby, you can head to Zanzibar to rest at the beach, drink coconut juice and watch the massaai herding cows along the beach. All these sans the trouble of language barrier issues.


Seventy percent of the people living in Germany speak English. In Germany, English is taught from an early age. In this country, English is known to be a language of international business and academia. Make your travel to Germany interesting by taking a guided tour to your favorite nightclubs to make friends. Plus, don’t miss walking around Brandenburg Gate, drinking Riesling on The Rhine, exploring the Black Forest, and tucking into German food like!


92 percent of the citizens living in the Philippines speak English. Filipinos are known to celebrate the English language everywhere and every time. They are known to have invented karaoke and perfected live music. There are way more reasons why you need to visit the Philippines. The country is all about personality and landscapes. It has about 7000 islands each with beautiful tropical beaches and mountain cloud forest. Manila, the Capital City, is also thought to be haywire, but it’s actually a dazzling city of about 17 million people. You need to take student travel to this country primarily because of its culture and great sceneries.


59 Percent of the Slovenians speak English. Slovenia is a small European country with a population of 2 million. The country is located between some other countries like Hungry, Austria and Italy. The culture in Slovenia is borrowed from all these neighboring countries. Thus, the state has a rich historical culture. The capital of Slovenia is known as Ljubljana. Think of sneaking Slovenia in your Euro trip and have a wonderful experience along the greenery and sidewalk cafes of Ljubljana.

If you want your student tours to be easy and enjoyable, these are some of the countries you should consider. You won’t only enjoy the striking landscapes but also have less language troubles and make the most of your trip.

Common Cryptocurrency Words You Should Know

Cryptocurrency Words

For many of us, the world of cryptocurrency is still a stranger. There may already be a lot of things that you know about it, but you’ll always end up finding more and more new discoveries. As you get to know cryptocurrency in a deeper sense, let this article guide you and teach you about the most common cryptocurrency words that you must definitely learn.

  • Blockchain Vs. Cryptocurrency - Many people, especially those that have just entered the world of crypto trading and that of Bitmex trading, develop a sense of confusion between these two terms. Oftentimes, this is caused by how people have come to use them. In a word, blockchain came from the term “chain of blocks” while cryptocurrency came from a combination of “cryptographic currency”. However, the previous sentence can’t really fully satisfy the minds of those who are hungry for learning. Hence, let’s talk about the difference between blockchain and cryptocurrency further in this article.
  • Blockchain - Back when the only blockchain that existed was Bitcoin, the terms seemed to have been used interchangeably. Now that a lot of blockchains have emerged, the uses of the terms have quickly diverged. A blockchain is a ledger technology that creates a “chain of blocks” which carry a bundle of verified data and information. These blocks are validated and looped onto the chain of information and transactions in the previous blocks. As they become blocks of transactions, they get permanently recorded in the blockchain – the distributed ledger.
  • Cryptocurrency - Cryptocurrency is a lot different from blockchain and Crypto Trading Signals are just the tip of this ice berg The former is a tool on a network of blockchain. It is more about how the tokens are used on the ledger technology. In a nutshell, cryptocurrency, from the word itself, is a kind of digital currency created and based on cryptography – the art of writing or solving codes.
  • More Terms You Should Know - The world of cryptocurrency is an enormous world, and assuming you’re a newbie, there are still a lot of things that you should know about this very deep and seemingly mysterious industry. Let’s learn more below.
  • Bitcoin - In the year 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto founded the world’s first cryptocurrency. According to sources, the founder did not intend to invent a new currency system. He simply wanted to create an electronic cash system without third-party entities. Still, he ended up giving an impactful contribution to the world. The most essential contribution of Bitcoin is the concept of the decentralized digital cash system.
  • Mining - Mining is arguably the most important word associated with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Bitcoin mining is different from gold mining, and the latter might be the easier choice. Bitcoin mining is the process of adding new money to the ledger. Anyone who has an internet connection and the necessary hardware can do bitcoin mining.
  • Hashing - Hashing is a term used for a computer program that receives information and transforms it into a series of letters and numbers. This program is used to make information storage quicker since hashes are shorter and thus are much easier to find.


There are a lot of things one must learn in the world of cryptocurrency. If you want to venture in this industry, it’s important for you to learn all the necessary information.

Improving Your English by Watching Movies


There is no better way to learn English than watching movies. Movies can improve your English as well as your learning and listening skills. In movies, you will hear English being spoken by native speakers. Hence, it is spoken in a more natural way just like how it is used in real life. Besides, the English in films is spoken more quickly and contains more vocabularies and idioms than you can find in class. So If you are planning to start learning English your own, putlockers recommends you to start watching English movies in the right way.

How to Learn English Through Movies

Choose a Movie that Matches Your English Level

It is a good idea to watch a film that is suitable for your English level. If you are a beginner, select movies that are friendly and easy to understand like animations or any other children movie. It is also recommendable to watch a movie that you have already seen.
However, if you’re an advanced English learner, select films that use more advanced language.

Select an Interesting Movie

This goes without saying because watching a boring movie can make you feel bored. Before you choose a movie to watch, do some research and read reviews online. This way, you will know which films are interesting and can help you improve your English. If you are a student, you can ask for recommendations from your English teacher or other students.

Turn on the Subtitles

If you are watching a film for the first time or in a foreign language, do not be afraid to turn on the subtitles. However, if you watch the film for the second time, try watching without subtitles so that you can see how much you can grasp. If you still don’t understand, watch again with subtitles in your language as this will help improve your listening skills.

Repeat Short Phrases

It pays to repeat short phrases so that you can easily remember them. Phrases like, “sure thing’’ and “hell yeah!’’ are some common phrases that you are likely to hear in movies. Thus, practice this exercise when you hear a phrase you like.

How Watching English Films Can Help Improve Your English

Listening Skills

Watching English films can boost your listening skills since you will hear English words and phrases used in a natural way. It is in movies that you will get to hear informal English and slang words and phrases – things that are not found in books and dictionaries. You will also hear native speakers talk to each other.

Speaking Skills

You can hear natives speak, and this can improve your speaking skills, including your fluency. It can also improve your pronunciation of words and teach you how to put the correct intonation in sentences.

Pronunciation and Vocabulary

Pronunciation of certain words can be quite challenging especially if you are just a beginner English learner. Watching films can help you hear how words are pronounced or how they are written if you are using subtitles. Similarly, watching English films will enable you to learn new vocabularies, idioms, and grammar rules and how they are used in real life. It is wise to write them down so that you can check them later in the dictionary.

Watching movies is an effective and enjoyable way to improve your English. You will get the chance to hear and learn new words and phrases as they are used in real life. However, it is advisable to enroll in an English class and not entirely rely on movies in order to master the language.

Common Instagram Terms and Language you should know when using Instagram

Instagram Terms

In every platform, certain lingo is established, even on Instagram. If you’re an Instagram user, you may be well familiar with all the terms and language below:

IG Handle/ Instagram Handle

This is a person’s username. This may come in any configuration and doesn’t even have to be close to their actual name.

  • IG - Short for Instagram
  • Instagramers / IGers - The people using Instagram
  • Bio - The biography part of the profile. This is the first things other users will see each time they visit your Instagram profile.
  • Tag - You can use the @ symbol before the username of the person you want to mention or tag.
  • IG Stories or Instagram Stories - This is the platform’s means of sharing videos and photos with followers. Instagram stories disappear from a user’s feed or profile after 24 hours unless one adds it as a highlight. There are filters, stickers, and tools you can use when on Instagram Stories. You can even add interactive polls to your IG stories.
  • Instagram Live or IG Live - This is a way for people to broadcast to their Instagram followers. Like stories, they only last for 24 hours, but recently, you can already download your IG lives, so you can post or reuse them for your blog or social media posts.
  • Instagram Highlights - You can highlight your Instagram lives or Instagram stories, so they stay on your profile beyond 24 hours. Instagram highlights can be seen below your bio.
  • Double Tap - This is equivalent to liking a post. Just tap their image twice, so other people can know that you like or love their posts.
  • Emojicons/ Emojis - Emojis are little icons to express your message better. A lot of smartphone devices are pre-loaded with loads of emoji selections.
  • Filter - This is an editing feature that you can apply to your post to enhance colors and features.
  • Followers - Instagram users that follow other Instagram users
  • Following - The people that you as an Instagram user follow
  • Gallery - This is a collection of your Instagram posts.
  • Hashtag - This is symbolized by the “#” symbol placed before a keyword. Use hashtags that are relevant to your Instagram post. Hashtags are easily searchable tags on Instagram and are also used in other social media platforms.
  • Home - You can see the activities of other IGers you follow on your home screen or feed.
  • Instameet - A meeting or gathering of local Instagrammers taking Instagram photos.
  • Instavideo - The video feature of Instagram is called Instavideo.
  • Latergram - This is a hashtag people usually use when posting a throwback photo or post.
  • Post - Any image or video content uploaded on your Instagram profile.
  • Profile - This features the user’s account info on Instagram. This consists of your username, name, profile picture, and photo gallery.

Instagram has a lot of solid user. Despite the reported cases of an Instagram hack and Instagram account security troubles, many people still love using Instagram and making it a part of their daily lives. Indeed, it’s a great platform to connect, share, and engage.

How Your Brain Benefits from CBD Use

Brain On CBD

In recent years, Marijuana (also known as Cannabis) has gained popularity and traction among the public as a more natural alternative to typical pain relievers and conventional cures such as pills and syrups. Specifically, CBD, or cannabidiol, which is a component of the Cannabis plant has become widely known. This is because CBD offers all the benefits of the marijuana plant without the risk of getting a high, addiction, or compromising the user’s short-term memory.

However, it is always important to keep in mind that any form of medication comes with its own side effects. Many people who are exposed to prescription drugs may forget to be mindful of this, and often result in addiction or even worse, overdosing.

Statistics show that over one thousand people experience deaths that are related to a drug as simple as Aspirin, and even more people suffer the consequences posed by alcohol use. However, CBD has never been found to cause deaths or overdose.

This is one of the many reasons that CBD has gained the popularity it has today. Besides providing health care benefits without the risk of addiction, CBD has been recorded to pose a myriad of benefits for its users.

Beneficial Properties

According to research, CBD can act as an antiemetic to reduce vomiting and nausea, an anticonvulsant to help suppress seizures, and even as an antipsychotic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-cancer, and antidepressant. Although CBD did not start off as the drug of choice due to the controversy still surrounding marijuana usage, more and more studies are being released in support of this drug.

Pain Reduction and Epilepsy

Most promisingly, it has been shown to help tremendously with the treatment of epilepsy and pain reduction. A deeper look into CBD under the microscope has revealed that it offers great benefits in relation to stress reduction. CBD also helps with depression and anxiety. Improvements in health condition after the use of CBD have been recorded in both human and animal samples, further cementing the promising future of this drug in the market.

Effects on Sleep Quality

CBD has even been linked to improved sleep quality. Studies show that, though CBD does mildly stimulate the brain similar to how caffeine would, a dosage of CBD Oil before going to bed can actually help users experience a deeper and more restful sleep.


CBD Oil is perhaps the most popular form for this drug and it is easy to understand why. The application of CBD Oil has shown promising results in multiple areas of healthcare. However, CBD also takes the form of powders which can be easily absorbed through the use of a reliable source of fat. This, too, has shown remarkable results in healthcare among users.

Although the many benefits of CBD oil are well documented, there is certainly so much more that needs to be understood. The market is open for the purchase of CBD Oil today, and users definitely need to keep their eyes peeled for more research and more improvement on this particular compound.

Good to Know Barbecue Phrases

Health Insurance Terms

Although grilling meat in winter might seem to be an unlikely activity, it is actually a fun thing to do with your friends and family.  It can drive away the winter blues while giving the chance to bond with each other.  What is more, it is also an enjoyable way for you to learn new words, as well as help you adjust to life in your new home. While you’re at it, you can use kerosene heaters to keep yourself comfortably warm outdoors.

So, what are new words should you learn so that you can use these at the winter barbeque party?

Barbeque or barbecue - This is an event where people get together and have a meal, which consists of meat that is cooked over a grill or open fire.  ("Jeanette is having a winter barbecue in her garden tomorrow. She will be using the best kerosene heater to keep us warm. You should come!")

Baby back ribs - This is the meat taken from the lowest part of the rib cage that has less fat and is more tender.  They are also taken from hogs of market-weight and not from sows. ("I really love tender, spicy, and fall-off-the-bone barbequed ribs.")

Briquette - These are blocks of compressed coal dust or charcoal, typically used as a fuel source for barbeques and grilling, ovens, and heaters. ("Please stock up on charcoal briquettes for our winter barbeque)".

To marinate - This is the act of soaking meat in a sauce of oil and spices of some kind before grilling it. This process makes the meat tastier and more tender. ("Let us marinate the beef overnight before grilling it so that it will taste better.")

Marinade - The sauce or liquid mixture of oils, acids (vinegar), spices, and others used for soaking and submerging the meat and other foods for added flavor. ("Please do not forget to prepare the marinade for the pork ribs  for tomorrow’s barbeque.")

Fire up the grill - This means to light the grill or start the grill. ("Come over tomorrow. We can fire up the grill and have a barbecue.")

To grill - This is the process of cooking meat over an open fire. ("Can you help me grill the burgers?")

Rare, medium rare, well done, overcooked - These are different ways to cook meat. Rare means that the meat is cooked only slightly, leaving the center cold, red and soft. Medium rare means to cook it a little more, but the center remains red. Well done means to cook the meat so that it is brown all the way through. Overcooked means to cook the meat until it is very firm, burnt, and usually colored black. ("I’d like my meat to be medium rare, please!")

Searing - Browning the meat to form a crust over high heat.  This results in a tasty bark on the outside of the meat. (Let us sear the steak before we grill it).

Skewer - This is a piece of long metal or wood used for holding pieces of meat, fruits, and vegetables.  ("They put cuts of lamb and slices of tomato on a skewer.")

There is much to be said at a barbecue. You can take this as the perfect opportunity to brush up on your English speaking and oral communication skills. You can even bring along a kerosene heater to everyone warm. Who knows, you just might end up new friends.

Insurance Terminologies You Should Know

Health Insurance Terms

One of the most valuable things that you will benefit from is insurance. Whether that is home insurance, car insurance, vision, dental, or life insurance, it is very important because it is something that we all need at any moment in our lives.

Signing up for an insurance plan introduces you to a whole new world of words, phrases, and terms. The insurance world has certain terms that you would not use in your everyday life. This can sometimes make the understanding of the insurance plan difficult unless you know what these terms and phrases mean. It is very important, therefore, to have a basic understanding of these terminologies so you can have a better understanding of the insurance policy you are taking out.

At first, this might seem very confusing. But, you should not let this stop you. We are going to cover some of the most used terms and phrases so that in the future you will not have any trouble knowing what they mean.

Agent - A person who solicits, sells, negotiates, and consummates an insurance on behalf of an insurance firm

Beneficiary - A person who is designated by the insurer or by law as the recipient of the benefits derived from a cheap home insurance policy.

Broker - An independent and licensed professional who represents an insured person in requesting, negotiating, and acquisition of insurance contracts.

Commission - This is the money or allowance paid by insurers to insurance brokers or agents for selling, arranging, or negotiating an insurance policy Insurer - Is the company who agrees to compensate and indemnify the insured for losses covered by the policy.  The insurer takes on the risks after receiving premium payments by the insured.

Effective Date - This is the date that the policy starts/begins.

Expiry Date - This is the date that the insurance policy ends.  The usual time of expiry is at 4:00 P.M. on the date specified. 

Homeowners insurance policy - This is a type of insurance that provides protection for the home and property of a policyholder.  It also includes the policyholder"s liability for injuries or damage to others.

Insurance - A social contract or device that transfers the risk of one or several persons or entities to an insurer thereby reducing the risk of the former. The insurer compensates for and assumes the losses of the former for a specific consideration or fee and within the agreed extent

Insured - The term "insured" refers to the party who takes out the insurance policy and for whom the insurer will compensate for the losses covered by the plan

Liability - This is the money or amount owed due to the adverse results of one"s actions, inaction or omission on others.

Premium - This is the amount paid in whole or in installment to an insurance company for the protection from specific risks covered by the insurance plan. 

Proposal - This is the form which a prospective insurance buyer has to accomplish when applying for an insurance coverage.

These are the basic terms that you should understand about insurance.  The knowledge will help you choose the insurance policy best suited to your needs. It will also help you understand what comes with the plan that you are considering of taking.

Learning English is Easier than You Think

Jacksonville SEO

Learning English can be a life-changing experience that opens up so many possibilities and prospects. There are over 1.5 billion English speakers in the world. This makes up nearly one-seventh of the Global population, meaning those who speak English have chances in life that many others do not.

Careers Prospects from Learning English

One large factor for learning English is the strong English language based economies around the world. This means finding a job in an economy like the US or England can lead to fast professional growth. A large growth industry in the US is the technology sector. Many technology companies are looking to bring the best talent into the US and London to fill the gaps in knowledge.

Marketing companies, from San Francisco startups to Jacksonville SEO specialists, have seen a 10 fold increase in using foreign labor for local growth. Statistics now show that nearly one-third of the silicon valley tech workforce is not from the United States.

Knowing English when arriving at these firms is essential as you will be expected to hit the ground running. Some tech giants like Google and Facebook offer extended help for foreign workers to more easily integrate into the local environment. SEO firms in Jacksonville often offer free English lessons inside work hours.

Resources for Learning English

The benefits to learning English are equally matched with the easy access to learning resources. The US has more scholarship offers for students from abroad than any other country in the world. However, for those looking to start with the basics, Tim's Box is here to help. We have many resources throughout the website to kick off your learning needs. These resources include basic sentence structures, essential verbs to learn and some key everyday phrases to wrap your head around. For more advanced users, Tim's Box has written some English short stories to help understand the more nuanced areas of the language.

Where to Start the Journey

There are many ways to start learning a language, as we cover here on Tim's Box. Let's review some sure-fire methods to get the ball rolling quickly:

  • Participate in some free online courses for learning English
  • Download some language learning apps for on the road word references and translations
  • Search on Google for your local English language center and enroll in a course
  • Find a local English meet up to attend and mingle with English speakers

Once the learning begins, it will be hard to stop. Learning a new language is a fun and exhilarating experience. Luckily, English is not a difficult language for those that speak similar Latin-based languages. Spanish may be a little easier than English to learn, however, the gap between the two languages is small. Studies have shown that a commitment of over 900 hours of class time and homework can lead to being fluent in a language like English.

Let us know your tricks for tackling a new language and how you overcome the initial difficult steps. Tim's Box is a great resource for inspiration and we encourage you to navigate around to find the right resources for your current level.

Understanding the English of the Web

The terminology of the world wide web isn't easy, even for the savviest of technology people. One can be easily swamped by the everyday overload of new and strange ways of naming items on the web. Before we have even started, there is a phrase in itself that needs some explanation, web. This means the connection of people via technology all across the globe.

Now let's delve into the harder topics and try to understand the English behind the phrase.


link packages

This is the destination one visits when viewing the web. People visit websites to gather information on a topic to which the website is dedicated. Some websites have content that is generated by other people. These are seen as more of a platform for the exchange of information rather than just a one way street of giving out information.

Search Engine

The problem initial web users face with the web was it was hard to find the websites which contained the information they were after. Up stepped the search engine, which provided a service of attempting to present the websites to the user based on a topic on which the user was searching. Search engines have evolved rapidly over the years and today play a crucial role in helping sort out the web. Many of use follow language learners have taken advantage of search engines from everything such as finding new resources, to even instant translation.


This is where we start to become a little technical in our understanding of English on the web. A backlink is when one website links to another website. This is important because a large proportion of how search engines work is via backlinks. Many websites often invest in backlink packages, click here to find out more about these packages. Search engines apply weighs to backlinks to determine how important they are compared to other backlinks. If a website receives many important backlinks. It can see itself potentially rise up the search engine rankings.


Code is what runs everything on the web in terms of software. Code informs the hardware what to do and interacts with other code on other websites. Code is what also helps with translation purposes for this website. We are able to present the website in multiple languages as the code stores the contents in these languages. It then presents the website in the language that suits the visitor's local language.

Social Media

The topic of social media is something we touched on previously in the article whereby there are websites that allow people to exchange information. These websites come in many shapes and forms and can be differing degrees of private to public depending on what users want. Chatting exchanges between two people of different languages can be enabled easily with social media. These websites can instantly translate messages sent between two users.

In conclusion, we have covered some of the most basic, but important, terms on the Internet. We hope this helps your English understanding of the Internet and sparks further reading of the topic. Please contact us for further explanations and translations of not just the web, but all language issues.

English Language for International Businesses

English is considered to be the modern global language. It is the primary language of several countries in the west and the secondary language in many countries in the world. Learning English can be the key to open doors of opportunities when it comes to business. With it, it will be easier to reach other parts of the world.

learn german

This can be seen in those who are wise enough to learn German online. It has always been said that communication is key to good relationships. With a common language, you will be able to exchange ideas and make agreements a lot faster. You will then be able to accomplish a lot more in less time. Productivity is good for businesses. Getting things done as fast as possible is good for profit.

When you are able to communicate with the rest of the world who speaks English, more barriers are broken down. In fact, many multinational companies like Fast Retailing, Samsung, Airbus, Microsoft in Beijing, Renault, Nokia, SAP, etc. start to mandate English as their corporate language. This language allows the facilitation of performance across geographically diverse business endeavors easier. Even startups that target the local market are considering English as their corporate language. Why? It allows them to prepare for future growth.

But is English the only language important in the business world?

Expanding your network is an essential thing in business, which is why it is also important to learn other major languages like German and Arabic. By learning German, you will not only be able to reach out to Germany but also to countries like Austria, Switzerland, and Belgium. Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates are on top of the game when it comes to business. If you know how to speak Arabic, you can easily bridge the gap between two cultures. It would be best to investigate options on how to learn Arabic in places like Melbourne.

Adopting another language for your company is not easy. You might stumble and meet resistance from some of your employees. However, you will soon learn that learning English and other major languages can work to your advantage. You need this if you want to survive in a global economy. Overcome barriers and gain a common ground by speaking the same language.